iRiver G10 May Become Reality After All

200613111038.jpgThe iRiver G10 may be coming out in December after all, even if only for the Korean market. The release has been hinted by KT Cooperation, the WiBro carrier that was developing it with iRiver. It still looks as sweet as when it was last seen in Barcelona's 3GSM last year and the specs are quite amazing, including the built-in 6GB of memory and the 800 x 480 16-bit 4-inch LCD screen:

Intel Xscale ARM CPU PXA-27x 317MHz Main memory 128MB SDRAM, Video memory 32MB SDRAM 4 inches WVGA(800x480 16bit)TFT LCD 6GB flash memory, SD card slot Graphic chip: Nvidia Goforce 5500 (mobile) Support: Bluetooth (unconfirmed), USB2.0, WiFi, WiBro, TV OUT 15 buttons (10 for gaming) Accessories: Large capacity battery, DMB TV add-on

Windows CE operating system

Absolutely amazing if you conveniently forget about the last line, that is. Now, if only someone could put a MAME and SNES emulator on this, along with MP3 playback, that will make it an almost-perfect gaming-multimedia combo. []

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