iPod Touch Definitely Has No Bluetooth (UPDATED)

10-1.jpgThe iPod Touch has been dissected by the ace mechanics at iFixit. And unless they overlooked something—actually, nevermind. There's no Bluetooth in the iPod Touch. That's it. Final. iFixit didn't mention a trace of Bluetooth and that's enough for us to call this silly rumour the result of an overzealous photoshopper who has probably already been fired (force-choked to death) by Jobs himself. Some other findings of note:- Audio chip is identical to the iPhone's - Samsung memory (like the iPhone's) - Processor similar to the iPhone's - Display is attached to the iPod with 16 screws (iPhone uses adhesive) - Display is scratch-resistant, like iPhone

Oh yeah, and they also found that there's no freaking Bluetooth.

UPDATE 1: We're talking more to iFixit on the matter. There was a faulty consensus that their lack of report on Bluetooth implied that there was no Bluetooth. That was our mistake.

UPDATE 2: From iFixit: We're looking into it. It's hard to say because they can disguise bluetooth antenna on the PCB and the chip could be integrated into something else. I'll see what I can dig up.[ifixit]

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