iPod nano Shape-Shifts Into Next Generation

applebeatgoeson37.jpgThe next iPod nano made its debut appearance at the Moscone Center in San Francisco this morning, bringing along video playback features and a slimmer, wider form factor that was surprisingly close to the obligatory mockups that heralded its arrival.


applebeatgoeson33.jpg Slimmed down, its wide 2" screen is built for video, and at 320x240 pixels, it's the highest-density screen ever produced by Apple. It still looks small enough to deserve the name "nano," easily pocketable but with a screen that takes up a larger portion of its overall facade.

It'll also be available in more colors, including black, dark red, silver, light blue, light green, and the red one will be part of Project Red. According to Steve Jobs, the video-playin' pocket players are going to be $149 for the 4GB model (only available in silver) and $199 for the 8GB version. Jobs said they'll be in stores by this weekend.

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