iPod Nano Mostly Survives Horrible Torture

iPod Nano Mostly Survives Horrible Torture

nanoscratches.jpgCurious how your new iPod Nano can withstand Jack Bauer-like torture? PC World put the Nano through a series of tests to see if they could either break it and/or get it to tell them where Marwan is. Here are the results…

Test 1: The Key Scratch
The Nano is put into a bag with keys, the bag is then tossed around a bit, resulting in a few scratches in the metal but with no damage to the screen. Next the intensity is increased. The bag of keys is rubbed on the Nano, resulting in some aluminium damage and click-wheel scratching, though no apparent damage to the back or the screen. Then, as if to prove a point, the PC World host keys the bastard – resulting in some serious scratches on the screen, body and psyche of the Nano.

Test 2: The DropThe Nano is dropped roughly 1.5m on the concrete and it survives intact. It’s then dropped four times in rapid succession in hopes of getting it to spill its secrets, but it does not succumb and works like a charm. Though, the previous keying makes it significantly uglier.

Test 3: The Washing Machine
The Nano is thrown into a pair of jeans and then into the wash. The audience is subjected to a few lame “I hope it can swim!” jokes, and then the Nano is released. The immediate results – the Nano doesn’t work. However PC World performs technological CPR keeping the Nano under a heat lamp until, voila, it breathes again. It also seems to work okay, as everything, both music and video, play fine. Though the LED backlight, or the soul of the Nano, sputters out.

The Nano is a tough little bastard, and unless you literally take a shiv to it, it’ll probably survive a good amount of wear and tear. But what we’re waiting to know is, will it blend? [PC World]