Ikan Promises Ukan Shop From Home

Ikan's how people have been expecting to shop from home "in the future" pretty much forever. You scan the barcode of your old peanut butter jar at the Wi-Fi-connected terminal and it gets added to your online shopping cart. From there, you can have it delivered by your "preferred retailer," pick it up all ready to go or simply print out the list, making it an overblown grocery list organizer.

The catch for this home-delivered sweetness seems to be that you need an Ikan-supported retailer in your area. Also, we can't find a price for this magical device/service anywhere on the site. But if you're curious, they're taking beta apps right now. If you get it on the beta, be sure to tell us how hard it rocked your world (or didn't). [Ikan via CrunchGear]

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