HTC Touch Slide Leaked And In the Wild

htctouchslide.jpgThe HTC Touch Slide, previously known as the HTC Nike—is the slide-out version of the HTC Touch we reviewed back in June. On the inside, there's 3G HSDPA, 400MHz processor, 2-megapixel camera, and a microSD expansion slot.


On the outside, where it's interesting, is a SureType keyboard that allows much, much faster text input than the crappy stylus/screen combo that the HTC Touch had to suffer with before. Not much other detail other than this, but Modaco seems to think the phone is going to be officially launched on Monday.

Although the slide-out keyboard will make this phone usable for normal people who really don't want to dig around a Windows Mobile touchscreen interface to do anything—which believe us, is very painful—it's not quite enough to bring it up to level of usability that say, an iPhone has. [Modaco]

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