HomeHero 2-in-1 Gas and Fire Alarm System Could Save Your Life In Style

homeheroscene.jpegThe HomeHero is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system that uses wirelessly interconnected nodes. The network can automatically warn anyone around the house, using both beeping and bilingual voice alerts that will tell you about the nature of the event, being it fire, carbon monoxide on the loose or fusion reactor core meltdown, so you can run out of your house feeling like Ellen Ripley. And, unlike other alarms, the units and the matching fire extinguisher looks great. Full specs after the jump.2-in-1 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Product Details • Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector • Alarm beeps and voice announces the nature of alarm event • Bilingual voice alerts and instructions • Interconnectable system enables all units in the house to connect to one another • Silence Alarm feature allows alarm to be silenced in case of false alert • Memory and alert for previously detected smoke or CO events • Continuous low battery announcement • Easy one-button operation • LED indicator flashes Red during all alarm events and green to indicate active Silent Mode state, • previously detected event, and unit properly operating • Mounting post and installation instructions included • Sleek, stylish design • 5 year warranty • End of battery life notification with automatic alert

Fire Extinguisher Product Details • Clean design allows for prominent, unobstructed placement in kitchen - decreasing emergency response time • Highly visible safety pin for easy identification and immediate response • Ergonomic grip area for more intuitive and secure operation • Use of HomeHeroâ„¢ Fire Extinguisher and HomeHeroâ„¢ Smoke/CO Alarms (sold separately) create an invisible protection system providing immediate alerts with clear, verbal instructions • Rubber foot protects countertops • Bracket included for wall-mounting • Expected life of 12 years • For use on fires involving flammable liquids and/or electrical equipment • Streamlined form and glossy white surface allows for easy cleaning • Bilingual instructions included • 6-year warranty

[HomeHero via Born Rich]

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