Hitachi's Big Blu-ray Announcement

inflatable_blue_gorilla.jpgAt yesterday's Blu-ray keynote, the BDA promised the press that Hitachi would be making a major Blu-ray announcement today. It got a few of us excited. After all, this is the company that is releasing the world's first Blu-ray camcorder—whatever this device could be, it would be a potential milestone. The announcement? It WAS the Blu-ray camcorder. The same one we've talked about for months, is on posters around Berlin and isn't new. Blu-ray, I didn't have a dog in this fight. But now I hope HD DVD rises from lousy sales ratios and destroys you, Blu-ray. I hope they burn out your eyes with inferior laser technology until you cry and then realize you can't cry without them. (This, of course, won't stop a hands-on with the camcorder we have planned for later today).

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