Hands-On with the Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1000

IMG_0307.jpg Today we got our hands on Sanyo's Xacti HD. The world's first 1080p camcorder is more than cute—seemed like just the right weight to me, and its two-button design is simple to use. It felt cool and fast, but the experience was not perfect.


Overall feeling is, however, plasticky. it would have been nice to touch the cool thrill of metal and get that click-tastic quality feel that you get from top end manufacturers.

Bitching aside, the Xacti looks pretty easy to use—and it is. Move the slider to record and then press either the video or still button, depending on whatever you want. The Xacti starts quickly, stops quickly, and there's a 10 x zoom.

I thought the Xacti looked like a speed gun, Mark said it reminded him of a spot meter. It manages to look both retro—think of those old cine cameras from the '60s—and futuristic at the same time. And it comes in black or silver. There's a video up next, so hang on for that.

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