Hands-On and Slot Exploration with the Sexy Samsung Printers (Verdict: NeXT Flashback)

IMG_0739.JPG Last week we gave you the specs of Samsung's new Windows-, Lunux- and Mac-compatible printers &mdash the ML-1630 is a monochrome laser printer, the SCX-4500 a 16 page-per-minute multi-function printer &mdash and yesterday we got to see them for ourselves. Glossy, smooth, they're the kind of printers that make you want to kick off your heels, sprawl on the top and start crooning "Makin' Whoopie." But first of all we wanted to know what the slot at the front of the ML-1630 was, so we beckoned over a Samsung gal...


Normally, she told us, the slot houses a little plastic arm that prevents the paper from dropping onto the floor. But it's a fragile little piece, so the bods at Samsung decided to remove it just in case any clumsy IFA-goers (ie me) snapped it off. Not that interesting, really because, given the looks, the peephole should hide microscopic laser guns that go "Pew-Pew-Pew-Pew" if they spot a typo. Just a thought.

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