Hands On Sony's 200-Disc Blu-ray Changing Monolith

Sony's HES-v1000 is a 200 disc Blu-ray burner/changer that has a 500GB HDD, Cross media interface, and an ethernet for streaming. I found it to be more impressive in person with unnecessary but awesome motorized plates of glass. And I was a little disappointed at its limited media streaming functionality. Audio only, dudes.


It does have HDMI out, which wasn't previously specified, and the top has a number of touch buttons. Remote is not swanky at all. Doesn't match. The thing does automated video slideshows, and uses face detection to auto crop photos. Neat. But it will not rip movies from discs (just CDs), unless you're going from firewire from one of those old fangled camcorders or MPEG-4 via memory card. No AVCHD support.

The video is of the details, because, well, the details are beautiful and a lot more interesting than the entirety, which looks like a big black block. But hit the gallery if you want the full shot. [HES-v1000 on Giz]

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