Halo-Style Three-soldier Attack Rover Kicks Hummer's Butt

madmax.jpgThis is the MWMIK or Mobility Weapon Mounted Installation Kit. The troops in Afghanistan call it "Wimiks." We call it "Mad Max Jeepy BMF", a new 4x4 attack rover that can kick some serious baddy's butt thanks to its three soldiers/three major guns combo. It can mount different weapon configurations, including .50 calibre machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. Jump for more details and high resolution pictures.NewLandRoverCRN_800x505.jpg

The Wimik can do 80mph and the first 130 are being manufactured now in Plymouth by DML. Yes, it's not a US buggie, it's British. They will cost the Ministry of Defence 30 million pounds, but you can bet Jerry Bruckheimer has ordered a couple for whatever disaster movie he's producing next.


[Daily Mail]

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