Halo Lingerie? Really?

82bce0dfcc76.jpgDo you, Halo or Xbox fan, care about all these marketing attempts to grab Halo mainstream attention? I thought of this as I skimmed some article headlines declaring the obvious: Halo is No Longer a Microsoft Game, but a Monumental Brand. Dun Dun Dun! Sure, whatever. There's long been talk of the movie, which would game-movie genre defyingly good if directed by Peter Jackson. And the limited edition Zune. And that awesome Halo 3 themed Xbox, with a cd tray laced in faux gold foil to match Master Chief's helmet. But there was that mountain dew Halo can, which grossed me out, and then I read this piece that revealed that a some rejected ideas included Halo Lingerie (not pictured above, btw) and Halo branded Lottery tickets. What, no Halo Malt Liquor? My question is, is this stuff cool enough to buy? Halo is pretty awesome on its own, and although a few billboards in Times Square make sense, what place does a knee-jerk marketing Halo-spam do for the brand, and for us?

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