Halo 3 Swag Rebagging (Plus Apology) (AU: SPOILER ALERT)

AU: WARNING: The end of this video will be very much considered a spoiler for Halo 3. Whether it is or not? It's complicated (like any good story) and I don't want to say. And yes, I've finished the game (I review games for a newspaper). Trust me, though, this vid will only re-upset those of you who were upset by Brian's first 'unbagging' video. I don't hate Halo / MS fanboys as much as Brian seems to, so I'm being nice and trying to save you a nasty shock.

The other day, I posted a video showing some cool Halo 3 swag Microsoft sent me as part of the press kit. Despite me putting the word "Incredible" in the headline, people thought my video reflected a lack of appreciation for the gear, and I was called many names for it, and even received a death threat. I had no idea that Halo 3 fans were even more passionate than Apple fans. I realise now my video may have been seen as disrespectful, so I want to apologise here, and give you a second video with more detail of the Halo 3 swag unbagging, although its pretty similar to last week's, for those who weren't offended in the first place. Halo 3 fans who I disappointed last week, this video is for you.Yeah, I'm not really sorry. I love Halo 3, and all this Swag is great, but those fanboys are too rabid for my tastes. For the record none of the stuff was broken or even remotely hurt after the stress test. Real fanboys would know that Master Chief's energy shield could absorb the impact. (Obviously, the Xbox was taken out of its case.)

I'm holding a contest called "Not Insane Halo 3 Fanboy" The non-microsoft owned stuff, like the dog tags and gamer points and duffel bag are going to the first commenter in this post who wasn't an idiot, and can write me an email with comment account verification.

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