Guru Disciples Build Giant Pencil, Call It 'World's Largest'

Now that pencils are finding their way into obscurity, here's a divinely inspired team of craftsmen who decided to construct a gigantic memorial to the obsolete writing utensil, calling it "the world's largest pencil." But wait a minute here. Suspiciously missing are the dimensions of this construction project, but you can see and hear a guy calling out a number, "76, 2 and three-quarters." We got even more curious when we saw that it's commemorating the 76th birthday of Sri Chinmoy, the religious space cadet who claimed to have lifted 7000 pounds with one arm.largestpencil.jpg So if that's the "world's largest" pencil, it must beat this 65-foot whopper made by Faber-Castell, ensconced at the company's headquarters in Malaysia. Rather than a tree painted yellow, this one has polymer lead running inside the full length of the pencil and took 7,000 man-hours to build. It's actually listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest. Maybe it's time to change the record books...?

We're wondering why the Guru Chinmoy didn't go ahead and lift that "world's largest pencil" with one arm. [Tech E Blog and Faber-Castell]

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