Griffin's Evolve is Perfect Wireless Sound System for Pool Parties

evolve_hires_flat.jpg Griffin, winners of our Battlemodo Dock-off with their Amplifi, had us going "Ooh!" and "Aaah!" this afternoon at their latest sound-system, the Evolve. You can configure as many speakers to the dock as you want, simply by placing them on top of the dock briefly to add them to the network. All the details, plus a release date and price after the bump.


The Evolve works with as many speakers as you want - just place them within 150 feet of the dock, each of which contains a unique network ID, and they configure automatically. Griffin also has plans to sell separate speakers at some point, so if you were truly filthy rich, you could build up a building block-sized collection and stack em up wherever you see fit. Alternatively, if your friends have Evolves, you could get them to bring theirs round and attempt to set a world record.

Out on October 20th, the Evolve will cost $349.99 - although BestBuy will have them exclusively at $300. [Griffin Technology]

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