Greenswitch Wireless Home Energy Control Endorsed By Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley, owner of the most evil propulsion system ever conceived, has put his stamp of approval on GreenSwitch, a wireless energy control system that turns off all electronics in standby mode in your home.

It was originally designed for hotels, but can save "25 to 45% in energy costs" depending on how much standby stuff you have in your house, which still draws power even when not on. Stick the nonessential stuff (TV, DVD player, PS3, space heater) in one outlet controlled by GreenSwitch, and essential stuff (DVR) in another, so you can flip everything off when you leave the house.

For Giz readers whose homes are filled with electronics and chargers that may or may not be in use, this sounds like a dream come true. [GreenSwitch via TreeHugger]

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