Goth-Up Your PS3 With The Demon Protective Mask

scaryps3.jpgGiven the lack of decent games on the PS3, you probably do not need more excuses to keep your distance from the console. This demon embossed protective mask is another such reason, though kick-ass, it is so bed-wettingly petrifying, you will have problems getting within two meters of any next gen bad boy sporting it. The protective casing is constructed from black glossy plastic in the classic PS3 casing style. The case slips on and off and as far as we can tell, only protects the outermost surface. Retailing on eBay at around $15, it is a small price to make your PS3 look even more bad to the bone.

Considering sleeping in the dark, and panties, still cause us to have anxiety attacks laced with fear, we shall have to give this one a miss. If you think you are tough enough, hit the link. [eBay via I4U] .

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