Google's Jet Blasts Off From NASA

272253498x276.jpgIf you're a Google god like Larry Page or Sergey Brin, you already own a double-wide Boeing 767-200 for personal use—which is less the equivalent of a stretched Hummer limo than, say, a stretched school bus limo. Once one has reached the level of stretched school bus limo airplane, how much higher can luxury ascend? Top the deal off with exclusive third-party access to NASA's runway on Moffett Field. And the terms of the agreement aren't all that steep.

Google has to pay just $1.3 million a year to house their three jets on the federal property. And they've agreed to place scientific instruments on the planes during some flights, which can be used for remote data collecting purposes for the Ames Research Center. The Center has called the deal a "win-win situation," and we're betting that Google agrees.Show of hands: Does the deal upset any of our readers? I suspect that were I to own a jumbo jet for personal uses and live in the area, I might be a little annoyed. But...uhh...I don't find jets ecofriendly enough. Yeah...same goes for cars and diamonds and bathing.[nytimes via valleywag]

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