Google Flight Simulator Lets You Fly Big G Style

google_flight_sim.jpgIf you were thinking, "Those guys at Google are going to pack in a secret flight simulator into the new edition of Google Earth," pat yourself on the back, as that is exactly what they have done.

Users have the choice of commanding either an F-16 jet fighter or a Cirrus SR22 prop plane. At present those are the only two options to allow you to fly around the globe, but we are hoping for a UFO add-on that will allow us to traverse the galaxies in Google Sky too. We are confident the amount of time spent wasting our lives away, flying from city to city, will have a detrimental effect on some of our niggling responsibilities like relationships and personal hygiene, but are there any real surmountable consequences of such time wastage? We think not. I wonder how long it takes to fly to Gizmodo HQ from London... [Google OS]

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