Gizmodo's Favorite Butt Plug

buttplg.jpgYou read it right—we are going official with our favourite butt plug. Here is the complete run down of how it feels, what it does, where you can insert it and how much we love it. The power socket butt plug is made of hardened plastic, as such it has a tough plastic exterior; on the reverse there is a UK standard, 3-pin port connector. Once we got this into our power socket, with the help of an adapter, the buttock light illuminated. It is a warm pink glow and it made us feel like we just ate too many Jelly Beans, but were not quite at the stage of remorse. There was a slight feeling of decadent guilt, but we managed to ignore it. All in all, this little butt plug will keep any spare socket you have well lit and thoroughly entertained. Priced at £3.95 ($7.97) each, turning your home into a complete joke has never been more affordable. I hear the Gawker lawyers whispering to me, they're saying, "This is not a sex toy, do not attempt to use it in any way other than intended." Weird. [Product Page via Nerd Approved]

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