Gekishin Mouse-kun Vibrator Thinks It's a Mouse

gekishin-mouse-kun_front.jpg"Hey," said the geeky vibrator designer who was fresh out of ideas, "Why not steal an idea or two from the ubiquitous computer mouse, using that form factor for our latest masterpiece?" That's just what the creator of the Gekishin Mouse-kun did, letting you apply massage and heat to your tender subject, and even snap on a toothy-looking clitoral stimulation attachment for those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Take a close-up look this contraption, strapped on and ready for action, on the next page.gekishin-mouse-kun-2.jpg There's precious little information here, but we're guessing the scroll wheel adjusts the intensity of the vibrations. But can we plug it into a USB port? [Kanojotoys]

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