Furutech DFV-1 LP Flattener Irons Your Warped Vinyl

Furutech_DFV-1.jpgWe've known Furutech to build some crazy home theatre accessories like the DeMag, so it doesn't surprise us that they also make the DFV-1, a vinyl LP flattener that relies on precision heating and cooling to get the job done. For $1,480, it might be overkill for repairing my now unplayable Christmas in the Stars Star Wars Christmas album. Maybe I should try the $12 internet home remedy first, or just buy a good one on eBay. [Furutech via Crave]

DFV-1 close B2.jpgDFV-1 close B3.jpgDFV-1 close B4.jpgDFV-1-B1.jpg

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