Fingers-On with the MP3 Lederhosen and Hunting Jacket

IMG_0823.JPGConsider the Bavarian hunting jacket with built-in MP3 controls. Consider it, and then wonder why you'd want to listen to oompah music while you blast away at anything in feathers, fur &mdash or if you're Dick Cheney, anyone who's standing too close to you. To drown out the screams, I suppose. There is also a pair of matching lederhosen as well, which we already covered earlier this year.


I know, I know. Back then I was stupid enough to think that the buttons controlled your cell phone and not your MP3 player. Why would you want a cell phone attached to your hunting pants, I thought? "Er, Hank? I just shot Buddy. He's on the floor and I don't think he's breathing. Can we get some damage limitation in asap, please?"). I blame an error on the picture caption, myself, but feel free to blame me if you want.

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