Feet-On with the Shoe Pure 100 (Verdict: It Works Great)

aeronizer.jpgFulfilling a lifelong dream, we tried the eggciting Shoe Pure 100 at IFA 2007, where a gazillion Germans with smelly shoes passed by —sadly without using it. We didn't have enough time to try the full power of this ozone-generating germ and smell destroyer from Japan, but we definitely noticed the difference in barely five minutes.

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The results were quite stunning. My boots were definitely smelly after a lot of walking through Berlin and IFA. After getting a whiff, Addy agreed that they were a perfect subject to test the alleged power of the Shoe Pure 100, which claims to eliminate all stench and bacteria from your shoes using an ozone generator—the blue is just a light because in Japan the blue glow means clean.

We put the boots on the Shoe Pure's specially shaped arms and waited for about five minutes. We couldn't stay long enough to wait until the job was completely done but the changes were immediate: The smell was gone, replaced by an odorless freshness.

Even Mark, who ventured that the $US68 price tag was too steep when he first told you about it agreed—but only after forcing him to smell the results, which he did with a horror look in his face. [ShowPure]

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