Eyes-On Philips 132-inch Wow 3D Display (Verdict: It's Not 132 Inches)

philips-3d.jpg At Philips' IFA booth we saw the 132-inch Wow 3D Display experience. Did we get wowed? Not really. First, it's not a 132-inch single display, but 9 42-inch 3D panels. Even in optimal view position (you have to be in the center), the 3D effect it's only good at some times. The rest you just get dizzy. The single 42-inch panel on its own was more impressive, specially with some airplane footage. The worst was LG's 3D display, even more unbearable than Jacko's Captain Eo. So far, the Hitachi GPS/Game-oriented display is the only worthy of a mighty 3D warrior.

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