Europeans May Get Bigger Badder iPhone

ipad.jpgAn alleged (as in probably photoshopped) leaked advert, suspected to be from T-Mobile Germany, indicates a 16GB iPhone with 3G support (HSDPA and UMTS), shall be making its way to German shores for 12th November 2007.

AU: Whether this ad is real or not, this is certainly in line with what we expect to see when iPhone comes to Australia - a 2nd generation HSDPA enabled version of the handset.

The advertisement goes onto to stipulate possible download speeds of 3.6Mbps and a $687 price tag. The purchase of the phone would also come with an iTunes voucher, various call plans will be on offer, but unlimited data plans will apparently make their way into Germany. The call plans will range from $69-$96/month, with more inclusive minutes and text messages being the reason for the price gap. European carriers have not as yet been officially announced, but unofficially the Financial Times listed T-Mobile as the selected carrier for the device within Germany. Obviously, this must be taken with a huge mountain of salt, but the information for the best part does corroborate with well with what is to be expected, with a few surprises chucked in for good measure. If this is V2, expect the US model to follow within a similar time frame. We are calling this nothing more than a rumour. Though it almost certainly is fanboy PS work, the spec makes us happy, so we've got our fingers crossed.[Electronista]

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