Epson Launches PictureMate Dash and PictureMate Zoom with CD Burner

PictureMate_Zoom_Dash.jpgEpson jacked up its latest 4x6 photo printers with larger LCD screens (now 3.6") and faster print times: they can handle a full-quality borderless print in 37 seconds. The new PictureMate Zoom includes a CD burner too, so you can dump a day of shooting to disc for archiving or sharing.

The new PictureMates have a revamped control panel too, hopefully easier to use than the past models. This time they have "flat, easy-to-clean" buttons, in other words, "popsicle-sticky finger proof," which must have been a concern of the soccer-mom target demographic. The Dash costs $100, while the Zoom, which also lets you print still images from CDs or DVDs, costs $200. [Epson] PictureMate_Dash_Closed.jpg

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