D-Link DSM-750 Media Center Extender 2.0 in the Wild

DSM-750-Screen1-2.jpgLike the Linksys leaked today, all the new extender hardware is coming out of the woodwork, and aside from the updated MCE interface and the improved support for video codecs like DivX and h.264, its interesting to see what each manufacturer is bringing to the table. On top of dual channel N support, this box has an HDMI and component output, ethernet, and a USB port for media playback. The box'll also hit up uPNP and WMP 11 sources and cost a hefty bit of cheddar — $350. Um, isn't that the price of an Xbox 360 that can do the MCE extension (minus new codecs), download HD movies to its HDD, plus play a whole lot of awesome games? This has to be less than $200 to work, I'd say.


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