DivX Beds D-Link, Births DSM-330 HD Media Player

DivX_Connected.jpgThere are plenty of media streamers out there with a little DivX logo, but the D-Link DSM-330 HD Media Player is the first one that's branded DivX Connected. It looks like DivX got tired of just licensing its name, and realized that not enough was being done with its format. The DivX Connected brand launching with the DSM-330 means access to content on the PC when you're on the couch. But it also means direct access to DivX's Stage6 service (and hopefully others) out on the Internet.

If you go a little glazed over when you hear people talk about media streaming, that's okay: most, I've found, are not convenient enough for regular use with large numbers of music or video files. But one hopes that DivX knows this, and will work hard to make the experience enjoyable. For people in UK, France and Germany, that is, where it will launch at first. [Press release and site]

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