Dish Network ViP 722 DVR: More Space, Black Chassis, Slight Improvement

IMG_1827.JPGWe got our hands on the Dish Network ViP722, making sure the next generation of satellite DVRs has plenty of storage space. Its makers have added hours of storage to this beast, now totalling 55 hours' worth of 1080i or 720p HD video, or 350 hours of standard def. In addition, you can now plug in an external USB hard drive and keep swapping them out as you need more storage. If that's not enough, you can also output video to a second television.


The UI is exactly the same as its 622 predecessor, which is good and bad. That's because the UI itself is really ugly and clunky. It's bad enough to keep you from recording stuff, and subsequently watching less TV, never wanting to take the trouble to learn its vagaries. We like the way they've updated the storage in both the 622 and this 722, and hey, we like this black design much better than the 622 silver slug ugliness.

Overall the 722 is an incremental upgrade over the 622, still amounting to the equivalent of a mediocre restaurant, but at least the portions aren't so small.

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