Diesel Rolls Out OLED Watches, Two-Handed Time Telling Returns from 1970s

diesel_watches_threeshot.jpgHere's a badass-looking watch from Diesel that uses an OLED display in a minimalist style. At first glance it looks like it's all bracelet, but then you press a button on the side and its aqua-colored OLED lights up with the time of day.

It's available in stainless steel (DZ7080) for $215, but if you want just a leather band (model DZ7079), that's $136.50. We dig the idea of an OLED display, which has been commonplace on cellphones but rare on watches thus far. Too bad about that necessity of pushing a button on the side, which reminds us of LED watches from the mid-'70s. For us, time telling shouldn't be a two-handed activity. [Technabob]

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