Dell Set to Go Green By 2008

dellgreen.jpgMr. Dell has pledged that Dell shall be set to become carbon neutral by 2008. Apparently, this fuss with the ozone layer is quite a big deal and it is nice the big boys are standing to attention. Mr. Dell said:

"There's been a time in history of business where it's more important for organizations of all sizes to partner together to positively impact the Earth that we all share... It's not enough for Dell to be an environmental leader. We also need to partner with our customers ... to dramatically improve our own customers' environmental impacts."

Dell plans to create more energy efficient products and will utilize other energy efficient sources during production. Those measures seem a bit ambiguous to us—let's see a completely biodegradable laptop made from nothing but recycled toilet roles, then we would be impressed. Very, very impressed. [Consumerist via Washingtonpost]

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