Darth Vader Dog Costume

Darth-Vader-Pet-Costume-Star-Wars-Pet-Costume-%28tm%29_50103-lg.jpgOK, originally, this was a post about an authentic looking Darth Vader costume. Browsing the site's extended branches, I bumped into this much cooler Darth Vader costume for Dogs, with cape, belt, and helmet. Original post is below, but for those who disbelieve dog is man's best friend.Darth-Vader-Costume-Adult-Star-Wars-Supreme-Edition-Costume-Revenge-of-the-Sith-%28tm%29-_909877-lg.jpegThis official Darth Vader suit should provide a good base for my Dark Helmet Spaceballs costume. The pleather pants and shirt go under molded pieces formed from the original casts, including the collar, shoulder pieces, gauntlets, chest piece and boots. For $760, I'm surprised it doesn't come with a master replica Lightsaber. Anyone know where I can get some black rimmed circle glasses, a pewter cobra ring with a faux emerald, and an extra large Darth helmet? [Costumes Inc.]

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