Crestron Rolls Out MLX-2 Two-Way ZigBee RF Remote

crestron_remote_front.jpgWhat would a CEDIA floor walk be without stopping by Crestron, that company that will let you control everything in your house with sophisticated control devices, commanding a hefty price along the way. The company's newest addition to its vast system of control processing equipment is the MLX-2, a $750 remote control that has two-way RF communication, opening up some intriguing possibilities.


Sure, this remote can control your TV, stereo, AV components and such, but it also sends back the status of those devices, showing up right there on its display. That's the joy that's ZigBee 2-way wireless RF tech. You can hook up lights, thermostat, nearly any electronic device to this thing. It feels good in the hand, but it's not nearly as ergonomic as TiVo's bone design.

For that steep $750 price, it better be able to do lots more than control everything in your house. But hey, in this custom-installed world inhabited by Crestron and others, $750 is a drop in the bucket. Couldn't you do most of this fancy controlling with a Logitech Harmony remote? You could even get a custom installer to program it for you, so then, let's see... the price would be $50 on sale for the low-end Harmony remote, and $700 for the installer. Wow, same price. Okay, now we get it.

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