Crazy Sexy Cool Lamps, 100% Made From Bulbs

13_jpg.jpgBulbs Unlimited offers kits to make your own incredible lamps and fixtures, composed from little more than your old light bulbs. It's sort of like building a home from your own useless toenail clippings, but a lot more stylish and a bit less freaky.

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Kits include necessary hardware and a special bulb-marking template. You use the template to mark the connection points on the bulb, add glue and affix snaps to those points. The whole process looks like a fairly easy way (for anyone without our rough caveman hands) to have a great conversation piece. Kits range from about $18 to over $100. And we're on board with the "bright" idea. OMG, get it?? [bulbsunlimited via technabob]

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