Cradlepoint CTR-350 Spreads the Broadband from Cellphone to Wi-Fi

cradlepoint_2shot.jpgYou never know when you might want to spread your connectivity love, and that's why this Cradlepoint CTR-350 travel router might be able to keep you and all your buddies online when nothing else will. If your broadband-enabled cellphone can connect, then this little black box can turn that connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This baby lets your EV-DO cellphone turn into a modem for Wi-Fi, letting everybody tap into that signal. Plus, you can button that sucker down to be as secure as you want, using WEP and WPA encryption and its built-in firewall. And, if your phone supports charging-via-USB, it'll charge up that cellphone as you go. It's $149. [Cradlepoint]

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