C-Quester's CQ-2 Personal Submarine Seats Two Humans, One Dolphin

CQ2.jpgNothing quite impresses a girl like an underwater cruise for two in the CQ-2 submarine. Debuted by C-Quester at Monte Carlo, the CQ-2 is a fully electric 2-seater submarine that runs on 36V electric motors and that can last roughly two and a half hours per 14-hour charge. Able to travel 15 feet below the surface while maintaining cabin pressure at one atmosphere, the CQ-2 makes underwater travelling surprisingly easy.

Still, the company requires a mandatory four to six day course that teaches the buyer everything from navigation to weather systems to how to avoid killing a sea turtle. Priced at a quarter million dollars, the sub is aimed more at the Richard Branson types, rather than, sadly, your average Gizmodo writer. [Gizmag]

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