Chinese Army Blamed for Pentagon Hack

chinesehackers.jpgA hack of Pentagon computers in the office of Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been traced to China, according to US officials. The attack, which brought down the network serving Gates' office, has been traced back to China's People's Liberation Army with near-certainty. China, of course, denies any involvement, as they're obviously too busy trying to make sure all their factories stop producing products that kill children to hack anybody.

China poking around our networks and us doing the same to theirs is nothing new, but the fact that they were able to actually take down an internal network has caused some alarm at the Pentagon. It's proof that network security in the government isn't quite what it should be, as an attack such as this at a critical time could prove disastrous. As far as I'm concerned, they can take down internal Pentagon networks all they want as long as they leave the parts of the internet I use alone. Don't mess with my Facebook profile, China! [Techworld]

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