Mobile Makers Agree on a Single Charging Plug

Mini_Micro_2.jpgSamsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, and Nokia have agreed to use micro USB as a charging-plug standard for phones. Your days of buying a bagful of accessories every time you switch phones have come to an end. Well, not quite. You will still have to toss out all your mini USB chargers, as this decision in truth indicates a rejection of that budding de facto standard. Yep, all the carriers and accessories makers will have one last chance to profit before the standard is in place. [ via BoingBoing]

AU: I think this is actually the best choice, because micro USB is suitable for devices like small Bluetooth headsets too. So all your accessories and phones will charge off one charger - perfect. And I already have more than one mini-to-micro USB adapter, so it isn't like mini USB chargers will be out the door. They'll easily adapt to the new task. Great to see a standard on the way!

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