Canon Rolls Out REALiS SX7 and X700 Projectors, Touts Psychedelic Color Accuracy

canon_sxprojector.jpgCanon just rolled out two new projectors in its REALiS multimedia line, and both of these specialty units are aimed at artists and suits. Designed to be super bright and capable of displaying exceptionally accurate colors, the top of the line is the SX7 pictured above, aimed at pro photogs and graphics and printing mavens. Whoa, this thing blasts 4000 ANSI lumens, plenty of juice for even a brightly lit room. What makes it cool is its colour reproduction, which Canon says gives "the widest range of Adobe RGB colour space of any projector." For all that accuracy, you'll pay a dear price, though: it'll be $6,999.

Positioned as a price-performance leader, the REALiS X700 is next new model down the line, backing off the resolution a bit 1024x768 but still cranking out that colour accuracy and 4000 ANSI lumens. This one's aimed at business presentations, with three stereo audio inputs and a variable stereo audio output. It's going to be $3999. Both these LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) models will be available in December. [Canon]

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