Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

breakfast-horsefeed.jpgJVC LCD shootout shows four brands 120Hz battle it out. Guess who won? No, you idiot, take another guess…

Pope to tour Austria in custom poped-out Blackhawk helicopter. Yeah, when Benedict XVI, Pope of Peace, rolls, he rolls in a Blackhawk.

New DarkChip 4 helps DLP get 30% more contrast ratio. Hitting stores near you in 2008.

Toshiba Regza LCD TV’s bezel claims world’s thinnest. 0.9-inches thin. I do like my bezel to be as non-existent as possible.

New Media Center Extender (v2) gets HDMI, H.264, DivX, XviD, and then some. Trying to make these things actually deliver on the concept.

Apple offering $100 credit to early adopters of the iPhone. Surely that only encourages fanboys to be a pack of whiney little bitches?