Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night


JVC LCD shootout shows four brands 120Hz battle it out. Guess who won? No, you idiot, take another guess...

iPod touch can run all Apple and third-party applications. Sounds more and more like a PDA iPod. Me likey.

Pope to tour Austria in custom poped-out Blackhawk helicopter. Yeah, when Benedict XVI, Pope of Peace, rolls, he rolls in a Blackhawk.

New DarkChip 4 helps DLP get 30% more contrast ratio. Hitting stores near you in 2008.

Toshiba Regza LCD TV's bezel claims world's thinnest. 0.9-inches thin. I do like my bezel to be as non-existent as possible.

New Media Center Extender (v2) gets HDMI, H.264, DivX, XviD, and then some. Trying to make these things actually deliver on the concept.

Apple offering $100 credit to early adopters of the iPhone. Surely that only encourages fanboys to be a pack of whiney little bitches?

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