Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Robot-staffed restaurant launches in Germany. Never have our robotic overlords demeaned themselves so far.

Casio Exilim cam lets you shoot 300 fps. Not as slim as its Exilim siblings, but damn if it ain’t fast. 300fps VGA, 60fps stills.

BMW officially the first car with Google Search. Yes. Of course. If you were holding out on that BMW, it’s now, ummm, perfect…

Hardware unlock explodes iPhone. Methinks this won’t be covered by warranty.

Sharp’s new multitouch LCD panel. At up to 12-inches, could this be the answer to your future tablet PC prayers?

Google Flight Simulator lets you fly Big G style. Thrown in with Google Earth. Now Microsoft is going to be really pissed.

Up close and personal video of Philips Aurea. Great spot of vid by the crew in Berlin. Looks much better than in the photos.

Brian the brain: Blam’s brain in toy form? Awesome toy that is full of more info than your brain ever will be.