Brainzord's Window-Climbing Robot Is In A Niche Market

robotsucker.jpgThe Brainzord window-climbing robot with pulsating brain does exactly what it says on the packet; climbs windows and has a brain that pulsates. If only all things in life, like your girlfriend's mood, were blister packed with an accurate description on the exterior.packdes.jpgOther reasons why this glass walking bot is the best damn vertical scaler since the previous robotic window-climbing toy include; a vacuum system for high performance climbing and auto reverse for continuous climbing fun times. The device is powered by two AA batteries. The suction movement system is probably not going to be the most fun you are ever going to get out of sucking (go figure), but at $17.95, it may be the cheapest suckering fun, with a pulsating brain, you can pay for. You filthy pervert. [Product Page via Uber Review] .

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