Braille CDRs: They Just Now Thought of This?

braille_cds.jpgWe're not sure how unorganized blind people were able to keep track of their CDs before (other than sticking them into a computer and playing it back), but this Braille CD-R from Mitsubishi is a fantastic idea.

They have two layers of high viscosity ink that creates 0.1mm Braille bumps in order to easily identify a disc just by feel. Since they've perfected it on CDs, it should be pretty easy to port to DVDs, Blu-rays and HD DVD as well. The Braille is pre-written, so you can't label your Boner Jams '08 discs yourself, but you can correlate whatever's written on there to whatever you've burned.

Why they didn't think of this sooner is anyone's guess. [M-Kagaku via Cool Hunting via Sci Fi]

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