Boomtune Mini Offers Form and Function In Its Tripod Speaker

boomtune2.jpgJapanese company Focal Corp has recently released the Boomtune Mini, a speaker accessory that doubles as a tripod for your smallish MP3 player. What was once a concept a few years ago has become reality, and it appears to have turned out nicely, clearly designed for the smaller iPods.Pictures show the Boomtune plugged into a 2G Nano and a 1G Shuffle via miniplug, both of which are perfectly functional when plugged into the Boomtune. But for any iPod with its headphone jack on top, or thats too big to balance on the Boomtune, the Boomtune becomes a bulky, but cool looking speaker that does nothing more. This is currently selling in Japan for roughly $39. [New Launches via Geek Sugar]


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