Bird-Electron Kodak Speakers Produce Kicking Sounds For Ants

beko.jpgBird-Electron is as crazy as their name, also proven by this diabolical excuse for a set of portable speakers.

The Kodak Speakers are constructed from recycled 35mm plastic film cases. The set does not require any power source other than the energy it draws from the connected MP3 player. The sounds are projected as "omni-directional sound waves." We are guessing that, basically means, they sound like crap. Still, if you have $55 burning a hole in your pocket and you want to buy some speakers that will win you some brownie points with the green crowd, by all means go for it. If wasting your cash in this manner is just not satisfying enough, equally pointless wastes of cash include; throwing your money in a bin, burning your cash or burying your Benjamins in a remote location you are unlikely to recall. [Product Page via Technabob] .

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