Autopsies of the New Nano and iPod Classic Show Glue, Plates

ipod-nano-bust.jpgThere's nothing geeks like more than undressing stuff &mdash especially new Apple gear. Barely 24 hours after El Jobso unveiled his new iPod babies, iFixit got motherboard-deep into the new nano and classic versions. And this is what they found:


The 80GB classic has a 3mm-thinner hard drive than its predecessor, the iPod video, and there was a metal plate inside which, iFixit speculated, was probably to give an extra layer of support to the display. While the battery inside the classic is identical to the 30GB iPod video, the plastic tabs of the earlier model have been replaced by metal ones, making the case much harder to open. Gah!

What sets the new nano aside from the earlier models is, apparently, adhesive. Nothing but strong glue is used to keep the wheel in place, which means that it's harder to put back together again once you take it apart (this was not a problem for the iFixit gang, however.) The battery is, like the second-gen nano, attached to the logic board by three through-hole solder-points, and for the headphone jack, they have gone back to how it was on the first-gen model and soldered it to the logic board. [iFixit and iFixit again]

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