ATP Petito Turns Flash Drives Pink, Nuzzles Up to Breast Cancer Foundation

atp_pinkdrives.jpgWhat do you do if you sell USB flash drives that have quickly turned into commodities, and you need a fresh sales angle for one that's been on the market for well over a year? Why not paint it pink, and exploit those unfortunate ladies suffering with breast cancer?

That's just what ATP Petito has done, selling its mini flash drives in a limited-edition Pink Ribbon version, available in 512MB ($39.99) and 1GB ($59.99) capacities. Being huge breast fans ourselves, we think getting into the tit-saving (and life-saving) business is a nice racket for a company with a product named Petito, but we're just wondering why there's no indication of how much of each drive's price will benefit the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation. Is it one cent? Is it five dollars?

Any time a company is contributing a percentage of sales to a worthy cause, we think buyers have a right to know the exact portion of the money that will actually be contributed. If that number is not readily available, something smells fishy. [ATP, via Get USB]

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