Aranz Medical SilhouetteMobile Laser-Equipped PDA Keeps Track of Your Wounds, So You Don't Have To

silhouettemobile_1.jpgThis is either a technological breakthrough or a sign that the medical profession is getting lazier by the minute: Aranz Medical's SilhouetteMobile PDA was designed to diagnose how bad a wound is, and monitor its progress as it heals. With lasers. Fully disgusting illustrated "Wound Measurement Report" after the bloody jump.

The PDA uses a digital camera and a laser guidance system to make sure you take the same picture again and again, in order to get accurate readings. It records the measurements of the wound, and after a while, it creates a Wound Measurement Report like the one you see below, a handy documentation, but to what end?

I have a hard time sorting out where this product would be most useful. In a hospital, there are enough observers to gauge healing progress; on a battlefield, the wounds are too immediate and plentiful for such precise documentation. The OhGizmo! write up suggests this is nothing more than a glorified digital camera, and I'm inclined to agree. [Product Page via OhGizmo!]


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